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Itaca Project

University of Sheffield – UNITED KINGDOM

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is one of five faculties within the University of Sheffield. FSS is comprised of 13 departments all of which were highly ranked in RAE 2008, and which cover a broad range of disciplines, and with a broad range of expertise and contacts. In RAE 2008, over 60% of the faculty's research activity was graded as world leading or internationally excellent, with the majority of the faculty's submissions ranked in the top 10 in the UK, of which five were in the top 5. Based within FSS, the Centre for Childhood and Youth brings together multidisciplinary, internationally recognized researchers and stakeholders from across the University and around the globe, and is committed to involving children and young people in the research process. Its third international conference is being held in Sheffield 3-6 July 2010. More broadly within FSS, there is a significant body of research in a number of areas relating to juvenile society. Jean Grugel’s (Department of Politics) research includes the political economy of childhood and the rights of vulnerable children and migrant workers. Her most recent funded projects include the protection of children´s rights in Europe, funded by the European Commission. Jan Horwath, Professor of Child Welfare within the Department of Sociological Studies, is a specialist in child welfare policy and practice, and works closely with national and international agencies. She is developing a good practice guide and training manual for young people’s participation in research, policy and practice developments to prevent violence under a DAPHNE project. The Policy, Governance and Participation research group within the Department of Geography uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to research on inequalities and includes projects investigating the spatial impacts of social policies through simulation modeling, linking censuses through time and mapping poverty and local socio-economic polarization.