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Itaca Project

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Centro Regional do Porto – PORTUGAL

Catholic.Porto began its activities in 1978 and comprises at present several Schools, Research Centres, and Services to the Community. Today, we continuously guide our activities by innovation and quality assurance practices. We are always observant to change needs and opportunities in order to be a University of reference and of recognized quality. The inner dynamism of numerous scientific, cultural, social and academic activities, the social volunteering in which students can participate, the coexistence on campus of various areas of knowledge, the involvement in research and services, make Catholic.Porto, an open, active and lively community. In this context, the Catholic.Porto’s School of Education and Psychology (SEP) is currently active in the field of education, research and services to the community. As far as research is concerned, SEP seeks to contribute to the study and investigation of a set of topics that are relevant to the Portuguese society and to find clear answers to these questions. SEP includes a Centre for Studies in Human Development (CEDH), based on research lines. Under CEDH’s activity several research projects are being developed, mainly national but also international, although not exclusively European. Specifically in the research line of Psychology of Justice and Deviant Behavior is being developed a project on “Juvenile Delinquency: pathways, discourses and representations”, coordinated by Raquel Matos (PhD). In this project several master dissertations have already been completed (e.g., "Intervention in foster care institutions"; “Juvenile Delinquency representations in the Media”; "Life trajectories of young delinquents"). Other master dissertations are currently under preparation ("Drug-delinquency relationship”; “Legal paths of young people under the Tutelary Education Law”; “Juvenile offenders’ experiences of victimization”). The coordinator of the research line has also been studying the phenomenon of female juvenile delinquency, with several presentations at conferences and various publications highlighting the book “Unusual lives of usual girls: life trajectories, meanings of crime and identity construction in young women in prison".