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Itaca Project

Psychoanalytical Institute for Social Research – ITALY

Non-profit association directed by a president and a general Council composed by 4 persons. The Psychoanalytical Institute for Social Research (IPRS) is a private research institute in the areas of psychology, social sciences and bio-ethics.

In aiming to deepen its understanding of problems posed by contemporary society, IPRS dedicates its research to studying the social phenomena related to adolescent marginalization, forms of exclusion and discrimination, racism and xenophobia, mechanisms of association in civil society - voluntary and self-help - analysis of education processes, intercultural pedagogy, bioethics and biomedicine.

IPRS has participated as both coordinator and partner in research projects on the integration of foreign minors, especially unaccompanied ones. Particular attention has been dedicated to studying the relationship between the immigration of minors and deviance, as well as the analysis of possible forms of assisted reinsertion in the countries of origin. In particular, for several years, IPRS has worked closely with the Justice Ministry-Central Office for Juvenile Justice on many projects, realizing either research or training activities. More specifically, the training activities, supported also by e-learning methodology, have been oriented to everyone who works and acts with minors (social workers, experts, psychologists, teachers, volunteers of third sector,…).

Since 2005, IPRS owns EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for planning activities and superior and continuous training activities, sector EA 37. Since 2007, even for planning and researching, communication and information in social field (sectors Ea 34 and 35). Furthermore, IPRS is recorded in the Register of associations, set up by Ministry of Labor, which act for immigrants’ integration. Organization’s usual source of finance of IPRS are: DG Labor; DG Research; DG Education and Culture; DG Justice; Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministries; Italian Internal Ministry; Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies; Italian Ministry of Justice - Central Office for Juvenile Justice; Municipality of Rome; Province of Rome; Campania Region.