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Itaca Project

Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta – ITALY

The LUMSA UNIVERSITY was founded in Rome in 1939 and its topographical location in the immediate vicinity of St. Peter’s Basilica is in clear harmony with its character and principles and its openness to the idea of universal human citizenship. LUMSA is one of the most important non state universities of central Italy, with about 8500 students and 500 teachers and professors; it has three Faculties (Humanities, Law, Education Sciences) situated in neighboring locations, and other branches operating in, Gubbio, Palermo e Taranto.

Lumsa University is very involved in projects with social aims as researches on the juvenile work, on the job and the school combining or on the juvenile immigration problems. It won several projects on social matters, often linked to the minors situation like Euroset programme (Leonardo Da Vinci), Ellproft programme (Socrates-grundvtig), FER project (European Refugee Fund) and FEI project (European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals). LUMSA was also financed by the Italian Ministry of Research and by the County of Rome for two researches about children with special need and violence in close relations.