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Itaca Project

General Directorate for the Enforcement of Court Orders - Department for Juvenile Justice – ITALY

The Italian Ministry of Justice - Department for Juvenile Justice is competent in matters of juridical protection for minors between 14 and 18 years of age, and particularly for those subject to penal convictions by the Juvenile Justice Authority, which extends its mandate, if necessary, until the 21° year of age. DJJ operates through 12 regional or inter-regional Juvenile Justice Centers, to which the following Juvenile Services refer:

- n.29 Youth Welfare Offices (USSM) providing assistance to minors in conflict with the law at all stages of the penal procedure, and collecting knowledge elements;

- n.26 Juvenile Classification Homes (CPA), accommodating minors under arrest, custody or in preparation of the validation hearing, for maximum 96 hours, under the custody of the penitentiary police and in presence of an multidisciplinary team acquiring useful information;

- n.18 Juvenile Detention Centers (IPM), ensuring detention for remand or expiation of the punishment;

- n.12 Residential Communities/Structures ensuring execution of the dispositions of the judicial authority, particularly the accommodation in day care centers and the security measures, for minors undergoing an individualized educational programme.

The specific Office of "General Directorate for the enforcement of court orders" (Associate partner) manages all these regional/local structures giving guidelines and supervision of all.