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Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial – SPAIN

FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA INTERVENCIÓN PSICOSOCIAL is a Spanish independent nongovernmental organization set up in 1991, committed specially to the defense of childhood and young people’s rights, paying special attention to those with social difficulties and young offenders.

Therefore, one of FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA’s aims is to create real chances for children and young people at risk in order to promote their inclusion into society and on the job market through educational and professional integration programmes. In this way FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA has a long experience on matters as: the prevention of juvenile delinquency, the managing of custodial and non-custodial measures and the development of socio-professional inclusion actions. In this way, in 2007, FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA was granted the special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Regarding juvenile gangs, FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA has carried out different innovative intervention programmes and also has been part of different R+D projects on this matter, going deeper on the knowledge about the belonging of children and young people to juvenile gangs.