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Itaca Project

Direcção-Geral de Reinserção Social (DGRS) – PORTUGAL

DIRECCAO GERAL DE REINSERCAO SOCIAL (DGSR) is an organization of the Ministry of Justice. FUNCTIONS: it has competences in the criminal law a juvenile justice jurisdiction. DHSR has a nationwide span of intervention, with teams, covering all of the Portuguese territory, providing technical support to the Courts, to prevent offending and reoffending. MISSION: It defines and executes the state policies on criminal prevention, providing assessment to the Courts, social reinsertion services for youths through the supervision of Court sentence, probation and alternative sanctions to prison. DIRECCAO GERAL DE REINSERCAO SOCIAL has developed several projects with the other State members and organizations in the area i.e.: Programs to prevent domestic violence; Proj. Valere integrated program for youth offenders developed in n.4 actions: 1. development of a risk assessment scale; 2. mediation/restorative project; 3. coaching competence; 4. Educational programme.