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The ITACA will list good practices within partners’ country such as Italy, Spain, France or the United Kingdom but youth gang is a widespread phenomenon and can be found throughout the world. Hence, to once again put the ITACA into perspective and underline the salience of youth gangs in 2012, here are a series of good practices developed at other regional level.

Handling Youth Gangs

Northen America

  • Regina Anti-Gangs Services

    The city of Regina, capital of the Saskatchewan Province in Canada, decided to address the issue of juvenile gangs via a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency approach involving not only over forty agencies and government departments but also numerous civil society organizations, and its entire community  overall.

  • The Youth Alliance against gang violence

    The Youth Alliance against Gang Violence (YAAGV) is an initiative aimed primarily at Aboriginal youth who are gang-involved or at high-risk of gang involvement. This project is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and sponsored by the Prince Albert Outreach Program Inc. (PAOPI). Started in 2008, the YAAGV is supported by Public Safety Canada, National Crime Prevention Centre, and the Youth Gang Prevention Fund. On the other hand, PAOPI is a youth-driven and community-based organization that has been working closely with street and gang-involved youth since 1998.

  • Operation Ceasefire

    Originally developed by the Boston (Mass.) Police Department’s Youth Violence Strike Force, Operation Ceasefire is a problem-solving police strategy that seeks to reduce gang violence, illegal gun possession, and gun violence in communities. The goals of the program are to carry out a comprehensive strategy to apprehend and prosecute offenders who carry firearms, to put others on notice that offenders face certain and serious punishment for carrying illegal firearms, and to prevent youths from following the same criminal path.

  • Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Program

    Created in 1991, the G.R.E.A.T. program is a school-based, police officer-instructed classroom curriculum whose main objective is the prevention of youth gang involvement and delinquency.