Youth Gangs

Putting the ITACA project into perspective

Youth Gangs Putting the ITACA project into perspective

What are gangs? Who join them? 
Why would anyone join a gang?

These questions have been addressed many times and yet remain pending.

There is indeed a lack of data, concrete facts and general scope when it comes to youth gangs.  

Developed at a European level, the ITACA Project intends to study at an academic level the particular type of crimes related to juvenile gangs.

Hence, from Mars 2011 to February 2013, up to ten European universities, NGOs and other stakeholders will pay close attention to youth gangs. Studying juvenile gangs’ ins and outs, project members will especially heed the ways these groups starts to commit crimes as well as the specific connotations conveyed by their actions in the media or among the general public. This will eventually provide hard facts on juvenile gangs and hopefully widen its scope of understanding.